my children's ancestry: a miscellany

for various things related to my children's ancestry which are not indexed here, see the blog, 'a genealogist's sketchbook'


• seven-generation fan charts for each of their four grandparents: Taylor | Tucker | Scott | Fitts

• six distinct common ancestors of their two parents

• eleven demonstrable gateways to medieval royal descent (and several bogus ones)

• a reasonably close connection by marriage to Sir Winston Churchill

• thirteen ancestors on the Mayflower, 1620

• an 1873 advertisement for ancestor Philip Schillinger's beer!

• illustrated, book-length genealogy of my Taylor family (first seven generations, male line), as a large single pdf

seize quartiers — a sketch of my children's sixteen great-great-grandparents, with links to individual pages for material on their ancestry from each family represented there

colonial immigrant ancestors — a listing of all known (male or head-or-household) seventeenth-century immigrants to the American colonies found in my children's ancestry

see also a blog entry announcing and describing this list

military ancestors

• ancestors who served in the American Revolution (by quarter): Marvin Hunter Taylor | Elaine Doris Tucker | Joseph Robetson Scott | Paula Louise Fitts

Samuel Harmon's commission (Lieutenant, West Suffield Militia, Connecticut Colony, 6 May 1775)

• George Washington Lane (Co. D, 32d Mass. Volunteer Infantry): seven letters home from the Civil War, 1862-1863

ancestors at Agincourt

• was John Clark Taylor at Tippecanoe?

• Maj. Joseph R. Scott (1915-86): Bailing out of a B-17

• Maj. Marvin H. Taylor (1896-1941) of Louisville, Kentucky: Extracts from Letters of a Junior Officer of Infantry, 1917-1918

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