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arms of Sancha's father (left) and mother (right), from a doorway of her father's palace, now the convent of Santa Isabel de los Reyes, Toledo


• "Notes on the Ancestry of Sancha de Ayala" (article)

Sancha's Literary Heritage (webpage)

Sancha's brother: Pedro Suárez de Toledo (blog)

Palace of Diego Gómez: 1. Tomb of Fernán Gómez (blog)

Palace of Diego Gómez: 2. Diego Gómez frieze (blog)

Quejana: 1. the Ayala palace (blog)

Quejana: 2. the chapel, Ayala tombs (blog)

Sancha's Prayer Book? (and her sister’s tomb) (blog)

. . . more to come:

• Quejana: 3. the Ayala altarpiece

• Ayala arms: 1. in Castile

• Ayala arms: 2. in England

• Ayala arms: 3. the Mountjoy Garter brass

• Ayala arms: 4. the Mountjoy armorial scroll

• Ahnentafel of Sancha de Ayala

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